Quantum #455 - Congratulations on building an outstanding business

Dear Steve,

I don't usually feel compelled to write to a company regarding its product, your product is my exception.

I bought Quantum #455 from AOR in September of 2013 after conducting about 5 years of research on off road campers leading up to my retirement.

In the subsequent years since buying the Q, my wife and I have travelled extensively throughout the country with the camper and always receive admiring looks and comments. Up until this year, the Q has done some "light" work like the Birdsville and Oodnadatta tracks, some high country tracks in Victoria etc. It wasn't until this year when we gave the Q a reasonably good workout. We travelled the back roads from Melbourne to Alice Springs and then west to Warburton in WA. Then down the Connie Sue to Rawlinna and finally the 'goat track' through station country from Rawlinna to Cocklebiddy.

The Q has been absolutely rock solid. From the rear vision mirror looking at the bull dust, stones, red dirt and dust thrown up underneath the Q, it's comforting to know that when we jump into the camper at the end of a long day everything works like a charm. No dust, a cold fridge, hot water on tap and batteries full of power. The macerator toilet is exceptional. The two options we love the most are the diesel heater and the wood carrier. It's fantastic to be so self sufficient. I've carry a small 1kva generator for emergencies and have never used it.

I had cause to telephone your crew on 3 occasions during this latest trip. For very minor issues that had nil effect on the performance and comfort of the Q. Once to Darryl after hours. He returned my call within about 2 hours on a Fri evening and was extraordinarily helpful and courteous. Once to John in service who again was very helpful and courteous. And once to Graham to help me with an electrical issue (the RCD had flicked off during a rough patch...I felt like a dill! ), again so helpful and courteous.

Our purchase of the Q has been the single most satisfying largish purchase we have ever made. The product itself has exceeded our expectations (even after 5 years of research), and the after sales service from your team is outstanding. The Forum must be an excellent source of market research...I know it's an excellent source of information for owners and I use it often.Three friends have since bought Q's on our recommendation during the last 12 months....

So the reason for this note is just to tell you what an excellent product you manufacture and what wonderful people you have working with you. Congratulations on building an outstanding business.

Carrick McLellan