AOR Recommended Brake controllers

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Fact sheet - AOR Recommended Brake controllers

AOR are making some changes to our braking systems. This includes changing the hydraulic braking actuator to the Hydrastar unit. The Hydrastar actuator has been confirmed as compatible with the Redarc Tow Pro Elite version 1 & 2. This means the drum and disk brake systems have the same recommended brake controllers – The Tekonsha P3 & P2 and the Tow Pro Elite V2.

NOTE: The Hayman Reese compact iQ is NOT recommended by supplier of the Hydrastar disk brake actuatorbcc.

With this change we need to remind customers that it is very important to have the brake controller fitted by a qualified Auto Electrician.
Both Drum and Disk brake systems are now set up using a Brake Safe 6000 brake away battery system. For NSW registered trailers, you will also be required by law to have a Brake Safe battery monitor fitted in cab.

In the past we have seen hot brakes and other faults occur due to the brake controller fitment and/or the output settings of the controller incorrectly adjusted. This has happened more frequently with the Tow Pro’s:

There are a few factors that need to be considered when choosing the Redarc Tow Pro Elite.


a. The correct size wiring and fusing must be used. A good grounding point for the negative supply must be made. Late model vehicles require guides as to how the Tow Pro is wired to the brake light feed. Some models such as the late model Ford Rangers and Everest must have the brake light feed taken from the brake pedal switch and not the trailer plug. Otherwise faults with the vehicle CANbus system or controller can occur. Where other vehicles must have a diode inline to prevent voltage feeding back into the vehicles brake light system from the controller. The brake signal input must read 0 voltage when off and 12V or greater when on.
b. Mounting of the main unit is paramount to the controllers correct function. Even though the main unit can be mounted at any orientation, it must be fixed securely and not move around once installed.

For example, zip tying the unit to loose cables will cause the unit to function incorrectly and apply inaccurate braking force.

2.User input

a.Understanding the different modes of the Tow Pro;

Proportional Mode - Blue LED setting
User Controlled Mode - Green LED setting

It is important to know when to change between these setting and what the control knob adjustment should be. The main factors that need to be considered are driving conditions and how loaded or heavy your trailer is.

We recommend that you watch the following youtube video made by REDARC, this explains how the Tow pro works. There is also advice on when you should change the mode and output settings:

When it comes to warranty claims for damaged braking components, AOR cannot be held responsible for the cost of replacement if the brake controller fitment has been incorrectly installed or set.

We recommend that you have all your tow vehicle wiring done at AOR, or book in to have your wiring checked. Please note that you will be charged if rework to your vehicle wiring is needed.

Steve Budden
Managing Director

Jules Scrafton
Auto Electrical