Maintenance tips

Service Summer Tips

  • Fridges will run hotter so open doors to the trailer to vent them whenever possible.

Toyota 5 stud Alko hubs

  • For AOR Trailers fitted with both Alko drum and disc hubs, by direction of ALKO and Toyota all 5 stud Alko hubs are to have the wheel nuts torqued to 209nm.

Black tank etiquette

  • If you are requiring work to be completed on your black tank with our service team, please dump the black tank before turning up to AOR for service. AOR has no dump point on site. If the black tank needs to be emptied by an AOR staff member, there will be a $250 fee for this service, and a possible delay in the completion of tasks.

Trailer wash down

  • When bringing a trailer in for service, please take it through a wash bay on the way here. If the trailer requires AOR to wash it to complete the service, there will be a $200 cleaning fee and a possible delay in the completion of tasks. Note: the van does not have to be spotless. A little etiquette and consideration will go a long way.