Positive development for remote touring


From the AOR Research and Development team

We are in the process of developing a grey water recycle system which will add approximately 100 litres to a full 280 litre load of water. The shower water only is captured in a 20 litre tank and used for flushing of the toilet system.The new system will be available as an option later in the year after extensive testing starting this month.

Our current water system uses the rear tank only to supply water for toilet flushing and the front tank is used for drinking/shower water. In this way we are using the two tanks simultaneously. The contents of the rear tank are transferred into the front black tank which eventually increases ball weight once the rear water tank is empty,

With the new system we can start the journey with the 20 litre tank full of water, thus slightly increasing the capacity of the system to 300 litres. The front tank would be selected first for water usage while the rear tank remains unused. As no water is being drawn from the rear tank initially we will have a reduction in ball weight until the rear tank is selected for use.

This will be a very positive development for remote touring. We are also working on making the system in such a way that it can be retrofitted to all existing vans if required.