No questions about Australian made – AOR is now manufacturing all cabinets in-house


AOR has recently purchased a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Router so that all cabinetry can be made in house. We are extremely excited by this as it gives us even greater control of our products. We can now implement changes to our cabinetry instantly. It also provides AOR with flexibility heading into the future in terms of materials, colours and décor. We can now turn our attention to investigating future innovative styles, further imprinting ourselves as the most innovative off road manufacturer.

We are proud to share that no one was laid off with this change, we have merely stopped outsourcing our cabinetry. Instead we have upskilled the internal workforce and dedicated an area in our fibreglass shed specifically for the new machinery.

General Manager Russell Evans said ‘this is a great step forward for AOR. Not only are we now making 100% of our own cabinets, we can move onto using any material we want for our trailers. We are no longer reliant on external lead times or financial pressures – we have total control’.

As well as taking our cabinet making in house, AOR has also employed its own panel beater painter and we are doing all of our own fibreglass nose cones and fibreglass polishing. These are all great steps for AOR in ensuring the high standard we have set continues to excel.

Watch the You tube video - AOR Factory - CNC Router     

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Router

AOR Fiberglass bay