FEATURES – A sneak peek inside AOR’s latest model changes


Matrix first twin beds

This is our first Twin Bed Matrix and it has been so successful we have decided to make it a new option.

The beds are 720mm wide x 2050 long; by comparison your Queen mattress is 1500mm wide x 2050 long

The gap between the beds is 400mm, which gives enough useable space to move around and access either bed. The 6 drawer under bed cabinet form the standard matrix has been modified to a 3 drawer, a new 2 drawer cabinet has been added between the single beds at the end of the aisle.

1 x12 volt sockets below speakers on each side.

The floor between the beds is also raised 170mm to make access to the beds easier with storage under one bed and also under a false floor panel. Every small area of space has been utilised with this new layout to give you even more comfort than before.

The singles are also great for daytime relaxing and seem to open up the entire inside of the trailer. This really is a great option that provides more space and more individual comfort in this magnificent trailer.

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