Big Red Bash wrap up


The BRB has been run and was a resounding success by all accounts. The AOR team would like to thank the staff, their families and Ambassadors for all their hard work and a special thanks to all the AOR owners that came along to make it something to remember!

Let’s do it again next year, it sounds like a great place to hold a rally and a great jumping off point for extended adventures.

Video link by AL Stevenson showcasing the Music and a snapshot of AOR’ville (external link)

Queensland Rally
The Queensland Rally at the Big Red Bash turnout was fantastic! There were 86 registered vans on our site and more scattered about the other areas, so close to 100 vans in all. This is indeed a record number and shows the passion that our owners have for camping with likeminded people and just everything that is AOR. I would imagine there were some very interesting conversations about the vans as people met old acquaintances and made new friendships. This is really what we are about, fostering support and building a wider community of adventurous souls.

AOR Display models
A special thanks go to Al and Christine Stevenson, Gary and Deb Johns, Peter and Claire George, Gary and Katherine Strid, James Turner and Meagan Oakley, Bruce and Wendy Maclean on the front line and all the other AOR Ambassadors who had their vans on display each day, being inundated by hundreds of seasoned travellers who knew exactly what they were looking for.

This was a very targeted group of customers and unlike any we have experienced at any show before. The exposure for our brand has been overwhelming so all the effort and expense has been worthwhile. Those people who displayed their vans were on duty to answer questions for a fair chunk of their day, so I must say thanks so much, we really appreciate the efforts involved.

The Music!
The Big Red Bash music was spread over three nights, good to hear that there was something for everyone as we are all into different music styles.  

Kentucky Fried Chicken While sitting around the campfire our people were visited by the KFC advertising group and given buckets of chicken, which they had to eat while being filmed, an arduous task, of course our crowd hammed it up while being caught on camera. Something to remember here to tell the grandchildren.

Next day a pre-dawn filming session was arranged on top of Big Red, where the kids were recorded doing cartwheels and sliding down the sand dunes and just being kids. This went on for about 12 takes and 2 hours in the freezing predawn light, so we had some very tired quiet children for the rest of the day. They all however got a $50 voucher for their mornings work under the spot lights. Those people who found their way into the advertisement received a $450 payment or part thereof depending on the exposure. My ( year old grandson Eli received the full $450 so he’s a very happy lad. Cheers

Steve Budden. MD.

View the KFC ad and see if you can spot anyone you know! (external link)

Pat Callinan Media

AOR teamed up with Pat Callinan Media and lent Andrew Kennedy and his team the new Camper Trailer of the Year Odyssey Series 2 to capture their trip to the bash. The TV Article is currently being produced and we will keep you all posted on the release of “Brisbane to the Bash” article when it comes out.