AOR Handover

With AOR you have the benefit of a state of the art product that will enable you to travel to the most remote parts of this great country and do so in complete comfort.

But you also have the benefit of understanding all aspects of the trailer you have purchased thanks to our comprehensive handover process.

When you purchase an AOR supercamper or caravan you become part of the AOR family.  Firstly, you receive immediate access to our Owners’ Forum to enable you to ask questions of other owners about issues such as the most desirable options to have fitted to your trailer and other relevant subjects such as.tow vehicles, wheels and tyres and prospective camping spots.

Secondly, to give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your trailer prior to handover you are given an Owner’s Manual developed specifically for your supercamper or caravan.

Thirdly, on the day of your handover any further queries you may have are explained in detail by our highly trained handover specialist who will also assist you to hook up your trailer to your vehicle and explain the operation of your brake controller.

We also share all of the 'how to' tips on YouTube in our AOR Lounge.

You will then be ready to venture to the remote places you’ve always dreamed about in complete comfort and security.

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